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Operations guide

Admission Fees

Free of charge

Opening hours

Operation time 9 AM ~ 6 PM
Closed January 1st, Lunar New Year’s Day, Korean Thanksgiving Day, Every Monday

Facility Usage Fee

Classification Basis Fee (won) Remarks
Basic Facilities Education Hall Morning segment (09:00~12:00)
Afternoon segment (13:00 ~ 18:00)
Night segment (19:00 ~ 22:00)
Outside Uses Heating/Cooling Facilities 1 Hour 10,000  
Showing of Business Video 1 segment 100,000 Morning, afternoon, and night each counts as one segment.
TV Use 1 segment 100,000
Movie Play 1 segment 150,000

※ If the time of use is less than 1 segment, the fee will be determined on a time-used basis.

※ A form requesting to use the facility must be filled in and submitted in advance.