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Sharing Practice Center

Sharing Practice Center, 2rd floor _ Following the Merciful Light

Receive Kim Man-duk’s spirit and discover sharing to change the world

2층 나눔실천관1. 의인 김만덕 2. 만덕정신, 도전3. 만덕정신, 나눔

2층 나눔실천관
Light-Filled Hackberry : About sharing
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  • Sharing, the first step: Learn the definition for sharing and our need for it
  • Sharing then and now: The culture of sharing carried over from the past and into the present
Bit-jaram (Growing light) village: Practicing sharing
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  • Sharing oneself: The meaning of sharing ourselves through volunteer work in various forms
  • Sharing things: Making cash and material donations according to the concept of “The tiny but significant value of 100 won”
  • Giving life: The value of giving life through blood and organ donations, etc.
Bit-nuri (Spreading the light) Plaza : Sharing Promise and Experience
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  • Donation experience: My sharing index, “My promise to share” time capsule, experiencing sharing together
  • I am Kim Man-duk! : Eun Kwang Yeon Se (Merciful Light linking people) engraving experience and giving experience with a rice motif
Bitieum Village : Education on Sharing
  • Sharing Happiness Class : Sharing education program, a multipurpose space where voluntary sharing can be experienced
  • Easy sharing: Sharing platform and smart blood donation, easy giving experiences like sign language.