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Sharing Culture Center

Sharing Culture Center, 1st floor _ The merciful light spreads

An open space of sharing where a giving culture spreads

1층 나눔문화관

1층 나눔문화관
Man-duk Hall: General Guide
  • General guide: Guidance space for tourists
  • Merciful Light linking people, Kim Man-duk : Monument space with a full-size statue of Kim Man-duk
Man-duk Shim Pang : Open Giving Community Room
  • Open Sharing Community Room: A meeting space provided for giving-related organizations and volunteers for sharing of talent
  • Nursing room: A space for the convenience of tourists accompanied with infants
Man-duk Café: A café for visitors
  • Culture space: Enjoy a cup of coffee surrounded by works of poetry that sing of Kim Man-duk