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Permanent Exhibition Hall

Permanent Exhibition Hall, 3rd floor _ Meeting the Merciful Light

The saving light of Jeju, a gallery in the theme of Kim Man-duk’s spirit

3층 상설전시관1. 의인 김만덕 2. 만덕정신, 도전3. 만덕정신, 나눔

3층 상설전시관
Kim Man-duk the righteous: The life of Man-duk
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  • Life of Man-duk: Man-duk’s life and portrait exhibit
  • People who talked about Man-duk: King Jeongjo who lived in the same period as Kim Man-duk, Stories left by Che Je-gong and others
  • Man-deok Archives : Exhibit of documents recorded by descendants
Man-duk’s spirit of determination : The great merchants of Jeju
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  • Return to Nobility: The story of Man-duk’s childhood and becoming head gisaeng after losing her parents
  • Gaekju (local product commissioning agency): The life story of her becoming a wealthy merchant after restoring her noble status
Man-duk’s spirit of donation: Man-duk’s noble spirit of sharingView VR
  • Relief for the starving: The story of Man-duk saving the people of Jeju, suffering from years of poor harvests
  • Saving Woman (Comprehensive theater): Man-duk’s story of determination and donation in animated form
Kim Man-duk, Merciful Light: Awarded Medical Gisaeng , Road from Geumgang Mountain
  • Awarded Medical Gisaeng : The story of sightseeing Geumgang Mountain after receiving a government post, Awarded Medical Gisaeng
  • Grandmother of Jeju’s people: The story of living a life of sharing after sightseeing Geumgang Mountain and returning to Jeju Island
Remembering Kim Man-duk: Kim Man-duk Festival, Kim Man-duk Award
  • Meeting Kim Man-duk through cultural arts: Viewing the 2010 TV drama ‘The Great Merchant’; Cantata ‘Grandma Man-duk’
  • - Kim Man-duk Commemoration Service Society: Introducing various events held in honor of Kim Man-duk’s memory
People carrying on the light: Others who have brightened the world through sharing
  • Others who have brightened the world: Activities of people who practiced sharing like Kim Man-duk
  • People carrying on Man-duk’s light: Introducing all-time winners of the Kim Man-duk award
Man-duk’s gaekju site, former appearance of Sanjichun:
Sanjichun then and now
  • A resting place where the former and present view of Sanjichun, assumed to be Man-duk’s gaekju site, can be viewed